Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th weekend!

Friday July 3rd, Friends and family over for a bonfire and movie outside. Bud & Alicia, the Ayers, Allan & Elizabeth, Stacey, Tim, Joy & Al, and Marsha's mom came (Names starting with Allan spent the night).

Sort of Gordon Family Reunion: Saturday July 4th, Friends and family over all day for lunch, for a fire, and for a movie outside. Standish family, Wasson family, Allan, Missy, & Elizabeth, Stacey, Tim, Joy & Al, Calvin & Elaine, Grandma & Grandpa Gordon, Gary's Dad and Brooke, and Marsha's Mom and Dale were all there at some point during the day.

We had a nice picnic lunch. Macella showed her school presentation about grandpa Gordon. Gary & I shared our pictures and video from China. Joy shared her missions trip pictures. We played our family wiffle ball game. We had to improvise for s'mores. The gas station was out of big marshmallows, there were no packages of chocolate, and graham crackers were more than $4 a box.

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