Saturday, February 13, 2010

Talent show, ENT, & family visits

2/9--Kirstie sang with a friend at the talent show in her school. They sang "One and the Same." Kirstie also sang a solo, "Draw Me Nearer." She is such a good girl.
Pics below:

2/11--Today Maria had a follow-up ENT appointment. It was a follow-up from when she had tubes put in her ears. He said everything looked good. Even though her ears look good she is having a very difficult time with her devices. She is constantly scratching her face and pulling her hair. She has scabs all over her forehead from her agitation. Please pray that she will be able to handle the noise soon.

2/13--We visited lots of family today. We started with grandma at Cortland Rehab. Then we visited Shirley and some of the kids. Then grandpa at home. Then Bob and Brooke. It made for a busy, but wonderful day.
Pics below:

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