Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 2010 trip to NYC

Due to Maria's appointment during our winter break we took an extra day in NYC, so the kids could have some fun on their time away from school.

Wed. 2/17--We left for NYC at 6am because Gary had to work in the city. When we reached the hotel Macella did homework, I worked on paperwork, and Gary went into the city to work. Maria was not feeling well, so she slept most of the day and Kirstie watched a lot of tv. When Gary returned from work he took Macella & Kirstie swimming while I watched Maria in the room.

Thurs. 2/18--We took the kids to Dave & Buster's (it's kind of like Chuck E Cheese). We had some very good food and had a great time! Then the girls went swimming again.
Pictures from today below:

Fri. 2/19--Today we walked from the bus station to the doctor's. The girls chose to save the cab fare for ice cream instead:) It was a cold walk, so I'm not sure why we wanted to eat ice cream, but we did! Maria immediately became upset when we walked into the Audiologist's office. She clung to me like her life depended on it. Her audiologist said that Maria had met her volume limit. She changed some things and made her four new programs. The programs are now based on her environmental conditions instead of gradually getting louder each time. She has a program for regular everyday, for speech therapy, for music, and for loud environments. After the appointment we walked a very long ways to get ice cream. It was our lunch!
Pictures from today below:

2/20--Today we traveled home and caught up on laundry and cleaning because tomorrow is another busy day!

2/21--Today we visited our home church in WP. It is always such a blessing to see old friends who continue to keep our family in their hearts. Then we went to Bob and Brooke's for Bob's 82nd birthday party. The girls really enjoy getting together with their cousins. What a wonderful way to end our winter break.
Pictures from today below:

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