Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marsha's graduation and hooding ceremony

May 16th--Graduate hooding ceremony.

Marsha's hooding ceremony was from 2:30-4:00 at Ithaca College. It was very nice. Gary, Marsha's mom and Dale, Grandpa Gordon, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Joy were able to attend. Our sister-in-law Lana and niece Maggie babysat Macella, Kirstie, and Maria while we were gone for the day. They went to Chili's. Lana's favorite moment was Maria's feet coming straight from under the table to the top of the table.

May 17th--Graduation at 9am, which took a very long time:)
Gary, Macella, Kirstie, Maria, and Marsha's mom and Dale came to the ceremony. It was outdoors and very cold! We all survived though!

Officially since Marsha took 4 weeks off from college to prepare for Maria, travel to China, and stay home for a week, she still has 4 weeks left in her internship. She finishes at Cayuga Medical Center on June 11th. The graduation date on her diploma will be August 15th. Can't wait for it to be official!

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