Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We spend Memorial Day weekend at Marsha's uncle Tim's house.

Friday the 22nd, Gary and Tim went out to see Star Trek. The girls all stayed at Tim's and watched a movie.
Saturday the 23rd, Gary helped work on Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's house; making a ramp, doing electrical work, and building some steps.

Sunday the 24th we visited Triangle Baptist with our nieces Maggie and Taron and Taron's beautiful baby girl Kaliah. After church we went to Taron and Chuck's for lunch. We had a great time! That night we went out to see "Night at the Museum 2." Maria sleeps through movies if we go late enough:)

Memorial Day Monday the 25th we stopped by Grandpa Gordon's so Macella could get her picture taken with him in his army uniform. She is doing a PowerPoint presentation about him for English class. Then we went dress shopping for Macella's upcoming Jr. Honor Society induction. In the afternoon we visited Gary's Dad and Brooke. We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's and then on to the cemetary in Center Lisle. We just happened to run into Dale at the cemetary. We went to Mom and Dale's and Gary gave the kids rides on the 4-wheeler. Then we all headed back home!

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