Friday, January 22, 2010

Maria to the doctors

Maria has been upset about her ears, but we assumed it was due to her hearing devices. She did not seem any more upset than before, but she continued to pull at her ears. The doctors in our area are being extremely picky about who they see in the office. Due to so many flu like symptoms and other common colds they insist a fever must be present in order to be seen. Since Maria cannot explain what is bothering her and her ears have been smelling bad they decided to let me take her in.

She ended up having a middle ear infection (swimmer's ear). The poor girl most likely had that infection since last Friday. I noticed the smell at the audiologist's office and they had me clean her ear molds. We just figured it was ear wax on her ear molds. Most likely what happened was that water was trapped inside her ear when we put her ear molds on after a bath. A middle ear infection never even crossed our minds. Now she no longer uses the ear molds which means that her devices are constantly falling off her head.

We're thankful for a wonderful "speech person" who suggested that I take her to the doctor's right away. Wow, speech pathologists are great!

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