Monday, June 15, 2009

Externship ends, Girls' school winding down

June 11th--Marsha's externship ends at Cayuga Medical. It was a very adventurous day, as she locked the keys in the car. The security guy drove her around to get a "tool" and then drove to her car. By this time it was pouring. The guy was determined to get the car unlocked and continued to get drenched. Marsha sat in the car talking to Gary and telling him that he most likely had better come pick her up! Finally the security guy gave up and drove Marsha back to the hospital front door. It made for some entertainment while waiting for Gary to pick her up.

June 13th to June 16th--Babysit our friends' kids. All the kids had a great time.

Macella is finishing up 7th grade. She finishes up with tests on the 19th. Kirstie is having a lot more fun at the end of the year. She has a field trip, spelling bee, play, bowling, SPCA visit, Tye dye day, career day, field days, and finally a 1/2 day on the 25th. Somehow I don't remember the end of 4th grade being so much fun! Both girls have been able to have friends over and have had a fun beginning of summer already!

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